4 Beaches to Stop you in your Tracks

Pack an umbrella, find an all-day park, push through the throngs and the thongs of sun lovers – that’s not how we do beaches in Tassie. In fact, most of the time you will have the beach all to yourself, aside from the wave of a lone surfer. Sure the water is a little fresher down our way but the pay-off is we get to enjoy some of the most pristine beaches on the planet. Here are some of our favourites…


Bay of Fires – Stuart Crossett

1. Wineglass Bay

Heard of this one? It’s graced the cover of many a glossy brochure for good reason- it’s simply spectacular. Think Bombay Saffire sea lapping a curve of perfect white sand; the type of beach normally reserved for romantic movie scenes. But at our Wineglass Bay, anyone can wander this picture-perfect setting. Book a four-day Wineglass Bay Sail Walk journey and you can even drop anchor in the bay and call it your own for the evening.


Wineglass Bay – Ian Butterworth

2. The Bay of Fires

The Bay of Fires is an old Lonely Planet favourite. They named it the hottest travel destination in the world in 2009, and naturally, it continues to sparkle. Here, a ribbon of coves, rocky outcrops, and empty beaches flow under azure skies. And for those who want a touch of luxury, take the four-day Bay of Fires Walk and you’ll be hopping across orange-lichen boulders by day and dipping your toes in a foot spa at the award-winning lodge come evening.


Bay of Fires Lodge Walk

3. Friendly Beaches, Freycinet

We don’t like to make promises, but sometimes when you arrive at Friendly Beaches the wallabies come out to greet you. The impromptu friendly welcome can’t always be assured by these hosts, but one thing we can say is that you’ll always be welcomed by far-stretching empty beaches. You’ll never find a crowd in these parts and often will have a breathtaking coastline all to yourself. Put that umbrella wherever you like.


Freycinet Experience Walk

4. Shoal Bay, Maria Island

On Maria Island you can sit on a beach for hours where your only visitor might be a curious Cape Barren goose or an off-course wombat. At Shoal Bay you can stand where the first European explorers stood, when they landed at this bay in 1789. What Captain James Cook and his crew saw back then is largely unchanged today- just the way we like to keep our beaches.


Maria Island Walk

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