Those in the know are raving about the Three Capes Track – 46 kilometres of meticulously crafted track and architect-designed eco-cabins within the spectacular Tasman National Park. Two of Tassie's leading landscape photographers recently road-tested the track, keen to experience for themselves the reasons why it was recently named Australia's Best New Tourism Business. Here's their verdict...

1. The Blade

Stand at the very end of Cape Pillar (known as The Blade) and witness the glory that is Tasman Island – you will definitely feel alive!

Tasman Island from The Blade

…you will definitely feel alive!

Image: Ben Wilkinson

2. The Facilities

They’re so comfortable you won’t want to leave! The huts and trails are world class – we have stayed in many more expensive hotels with worse conditions. (Did we mention the beds? – OMG they are so-o-o good!)

Three Capes Track huts

…you won’t want to leave!

Image: Ben Wilkinson

3. The Pennicott Wilderness Journeys cruise

The eco-cruise at the start of the walk is great fun. It’s the perfect introduction and makes the start of the adventure pretty cool – especially if the dolphins drop by to say hello!

Eco-cruise boat arrives to shore

The eco-cruise is great fun!…

Image: Ben Wilkinson

4. The Art

The art installations along the trail are fascinating. It’s worth stopping at each to read the stories about where you are.

Art instillation at Three Capes Track

The art installations are fascinating…

Image: Ben Wilkinson

5. Cape Hauy

The platform with views to the Totem Pole and Candle Stick is a real buzz.

6. The views

There are so many different types of scenery – from dizzying cliff-top heights to moody, moss-covered rainforest.

Mossy Rain-forest on Three Capes Track Tasmania

There are so many different types of scenery…

Image: Ben Wilkinson

7. The Track

Is so perfectly constructed – from the boardwalks and steps, to the wide and dry gravel paths. While we love going off the beaten track, there sure was a lot of respect for the team who put this track together.

Three Capes Track path and huts

The track is perfectly constructed…

Image: Ben Wilkinson

8. Being outdoors

Who doesn’t want to leave the world behind sometimes and get back to nature? If this appeals to you, then you will love this walk.

Relax on a seat in the rain-forest on the Three Capes Track

Leave the world behind and get back to nature…

Image: Ben Wilkinson

9. The Park Rangers

Stationed at each hut, they’re really welcoming and knowledgeable. Its nice to have them welcome you at each arrival and know they are there to assist and maintain the world-class huts.

Tourists meeting the Park Ranger at the huts

The rangers are really welcoming and knowledgeable…

Image: Ben Wilkinson

10. Port Arthur Historic Site

A fascinating part of the experience and worth arriving early for – and returning to!

Port Arthur historical site

Worth arriving early for – and returning to!…

Image: Ben Wilkinson

11. Fortescue Bay

Fortescue Bay is the perfect place to finish the walk. The beach is beautiful. A refreshing swim in the water is a sweet way to wash off the aches and welcome yourself back to reality.

Finish the Three Capes Track at beautiful Fortescue Bay

Fortescue Bay is beautiful…

Image: Ben Wilkinson

12. The shower

Yep, there’s a hot shower on Day 2. It’s like the icing on the cake!

Two Tassie Togs (Ben Wilkinson & Francois Fourie)