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A Winter of Mona

Jess Schmidt
The Museum of Old and New Art - Mona is the place to visit this winter with new exhibitions and a whole new wing of Mona-type fun to explore. Ponder the big life questions or simply sample a menu where art and food meet. Dark Mofo is an essential part of the winter event scene with everything from a mass nude solstice swim, feasting to warm the soul, and a host of other art and music events to light up the nights.

One man’s megaphone

Mona is the perfect place to explore during winter. Immerse yourself in this ‘subversive adult Disneyland’ and check out the new exhibitions Zero and the Unmanned. There are also more works from James Turrell in the new wing, Pharos. Descend via the distinctive spiral staircase to a basement bounded by walls of 250-million-year-old Triassic sandstone. Once you’ve had your fill of the arty dark side, make your way to the Void Bar and settle into a velvet armchair with a Tassie dram while you ponder the three levels of art and entertainment.

The Horizon is one of the new art works by James Turrell housed in Pharos at Mona, Hobart.
MONA/Jesse Hunniford
James Turrell works housed in Pharos


Experience Mona’s permanent evolving collection – there’s art that has its own digestive system, art that’s 46-metres-long, and a rain-painting machine that shoots out google search terms trending in Australia, in real time. Sprinkled among all this is David Walsh’s private collection of antiquities.


Fittingly named after Pharos of Alexandria, one of the seven wonders of the world, the building houses four purpose-built James Turrell installations and other individual works. If you were wondering – Pharos of Alexandria was a technical triumph of a lighthouse and the archetype of all lighthouses since. Winter is a great time to come into the light and experience Turrell’s Unseen See and Weight of Darkness which you can view throughout the evening.

Randy Polumbo's glittery grotto at Mona, Hobart
MONA/Jesse Hunniford
The Grotto

Dark Mofo

Winter in Hobart would not be complete without Dark Mofo. Embrace the winter solstice with a nude beach swim and a hot choc chaser. Open your mind to Dark and Dangerous Thoughts (8-10 June), indulge in the winter feast, hit the block party at Night Mass and revel in the rest of the art and culture fest that is the Dark Mofo program.


For the first time in Australia, some of the key international figures of the Zero movement come together at Mona. Move through a series of chambers, each exploring an important aspect of the Zero phenomenon – vibration. Catch the grand opening during Dark Mofo with fire, feasting, live music and wild abandonment. This is how we like to do winter in Tassie. Get in quick to get your ticket.

The Unmanned – Fabien Giraud and Raphael Siboni (20 June 2018 – 4 February 2019)

An exhibition in two parts, recounting a history of technology – from the death of animal gods in 1542, to the extinction of the sun in 723.

The Unmanned - Fabien Giraud and Raphael Siboni at Mona
MONA/Jesse Hunniford
The Unmanned

Drink it in

European inspired dining at Faro
MONA/Jesse Hunniford
Faro dining

Faro has all the usual stuff you’d expect from a European inspired bar in a museum wing named after a Greek lighthouse: share plates galore, whipped up by Executive Chef Vince Trim. Indulge in a black margarita or look out for the feral pig eyes encased in ice balls (on request when available). Mona likes to put their own spin on a winter inspired menu.

Dining at Faro with a view of the Derwent River
MONA/Jesse Hunniford
Food with a view at Faro

Shock and awe aside, Faros is the perfect place to relax and look out across the Derwent while sipping a pinot. Wine and art are a match made in heaven – or Hobart. Treat yourself to Art + Dinner: a $25 deposit will guarantee your restaurant reservation and grant you exclusive entry to Turrell’s Unseen Seen and Weight of Darkness throughout the evening.

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