Great Walks of Australia
Great Walks of Australia
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7 unforgettable walks in Tasmania

Alice Hansen
Tasmania and walking go together like one foot in front of the other. With 1.5 million hectares of World Heritage area, it doesn’t matter which direction you head, there’s a wild walking path to follow.

1. Flinders Island Walking Tour

Flinders Island is a well-kept walking secret. Venture here and you’ll be treated to crowd-free beaches and turquoise waters, sharply contrasted by Mt Strezlecki’s jagged peaks. Expect abundant wildlife, wildflowers and stands of old growth forests. Trek Tasmania’s wilderness guides offer a 7 day (68km) walk around the island. These guides double as your cooks, sourcing lots of local produce so every meal is one to look forward to between island views.

A man standing on a rock overlooking the beach at Flinders Island
Stu Gibson
Stunning coastline of Flinders Island

2. Freycinet Experience Walk

Walk in the footsteps of the Oyster Bay Tribe on the four day (36-40km) Freycinet Experience Walk. This journey follows the Freycinet Peninsula coastline starting at Schouten Island where dolphins and birdlife join the welcoming party. Walk to Bryan’s Beach, Wineglass Bay and if you’re game, the pinnacle of Mount Graham. Bluestone Bay, Quartzite Ridge and Friendly Beaches are also on the itinerary. At night retreat to a deep bath, sip wine and peruse the lodge’s library, before sitting down to a candlelit dinner in good company.

Four people standing on lichen-covered rocks on Schouten Island on east coast Tasmania
Tourism Australia & Hugh Stewart
Explore lichen-kissed shores on Schouten Island

3. The Maria Island Walk

Often described as the Noah’s Ark of Tasmania, Maria island’s native wildlife is thriving, often seen in great numbers grazing on marsupial lawns. The four day (30-45km) Maria Island Walk covers so many island secrets. Walk dramatic landscapes that shift between ancient forests and far-reaching coastlines to mountain peaks. Sleep in a former convict station that forms part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Convict Sites and pre-dates the Port Arthur Historic Site. Guides transform from hikers, to story-tellers, to cooks, serving fresh Tassie scallops, roo sausages and wine from local east coast vineyards.

two people walking along a beach next to a historic building on Maria Island
Great Walks of Australia
Darlington, Maria Island

4. The Overland Track

The six day (69-80km) Cradle Mountain Huts Walk is a guided adventure over landscape formed more than 150 million years ago. Following the iconic Overland Track, walk through glacially carved valleys, thick rainforests, buttongrass moorlands and alpine meadows from Cradle Valley to Lake St Clair. Each evening is spent in comfy private huts, with hot showers and meals prepared by your guides. This track can also be walked unguided, but it’s best not to walk alone. Gather a walking clan! The Parks & Wildlife Service website has further information.

Two people walking on a wooden section of the overland track at Cradle Mountain
Great Walks of Australia
The start of the Overland Track

5. wukalina Walk

The four day (26km) wukalina Walk explores Tasmania’s north east coastlines, featuring the Bay of Fires, ribbons of sand punctuated by huge orange lichen covered boulders. The walk has an important story to tell – one that dates back 40,000 years, when Tasmania was connected to mainland Australia. Learn the culture of the palawa (Tasmanian Aboriginal). Attend a traditional smoking ceremony, eat local palawa foods and listen to dream-time stories. At night tuck yourself up in contemporary dome huts and a lighthouse keeper’s cottage.

outdoor wood hut tasmanian aboriginal walk experience
Rob Burnett
Sleep under the stars on the wukalina walk

6. The Tarkine Rainforest Track

Enter the Tarkine, the largest tract of temperate rainforest in the Southern Hemisphere. Take the four day (19km) Tarkine Rainforest Walk to explore the rainforest in this wild part of the world, taking just a day pack from basecamp. At the days end, freshen up in a Japanese-style washroom and find a spot on the balcony where you can listen to Tarkine tales from your guides. Dinner is set amongst the ferns, your table transforming into a platter of fresh local produce. It’s like camping, but better.

person walking through tarkine rainforrest tasmania
Pete Harmsen
The Tarkine

7. Wineglass Bay Sail and Walk

Ever finished a bushwalk to have a linen-topped table waiting with oysters and Tasmanian sparkling? Dinner on day two of the Wineglass Bay Sail and Walk is barefoot and on the beach at Schouten Island. Explore the east coast travelling by yacht from one stunning walking destination to another. Walk and explore beaches and mountains, kayak, snorkel and swim, or stay on board the Lady Eugenie and relax. The trip takes in the Freycinet Peninsula and Maria Island, with the option of six days, including the Tasman Peninsula.

A yacht sailing up the east coast of Tasmania
Courtesy of Tasmanian Walking Company
Sail to islands and secluded beaches

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