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5 unforgettable walks in Tasmania

Alice Hansen
Tasmania and walking go together like one foot in front of the other and with 1.5 million hectares of World Heritage Area, it doesn’t really matter which direction one heads, there are always wild walking paths to follow.

1. wukalina Walk

It’s a walk with a story to tell – one that dates back 40,000 years to a time when Tasmania was connected to the mainland of Australia. The palawa (Tasmanian Aboriginal) culture is shared through this four-day guided experience in north-east Tasmania, featuring the idyllic Bay of Fires coastline. Tucked up in architecturally-designed dome huts followed by the final night in a lighthouse keeper’s cottage, the wukalina Walk features everything from a traditional smoking ceremony to how to find locally sourced palawa foods to summit-topping climbs complete with dream-time stories. If you can walk 26 km over four days, the palawa elders are ready to share their homeland with you.

outdoor wood hut tasmanian aboriginal walk experience
Rob Burnett
Sleep under the stars on the wukalina walk

2. Bay of Fires Lodge Walk

For those who dream of long empty beaches in Tasmania’s remote north-east, with barely a soul for kilometres, this walk is for you. To add to the scenic spoils, take in orange lichen-licked boulders, broad blue skies and white sands. In the evening, gather around the fire pit at the Bay of Fires Lodge. It adds to the ever-popular foot baths on the back deck that await weary feet. Coastal walking, Tasmanian fare, lodge spa treatments (complete with outdoor bath) and a kayak experience are hallmarks of this much-loved Tassie fave.

woman in outdoor bath bay of fires lodge walk tasmania east coast
Mark Lane
Outdoor bath at the Bay of Fires Lodge

3. Wild Pedder

The Pedder experience is designed to give the intrepid traveller a taste of all that south-west Tasmania offers; aged mountain peaks strewn with flora, temperate rainforests lined with mosses, fungi and ferns as well as a day kayaking to a remote island in Lake Pedder. It’s all topped off with premium Tassie fare back at the lodge each evening.

Tourism Australia & Graham Freeman
Wild Pedder in Tasmania’s south west

4. The Bruny Island Long Weekend

Be whisked from Hobart’s CBD to the doorstep of Bruny Island by boat and begin three days of adventure, walking and produce direct from the source. Day one of The Bruny Island Long Weekend begins with a Cape Queen Elizabeth sojourn, a first glimpse into the wild beauty about to unfold.  At your off-the-grid standing camp, there’s no compromising on luxury. Head for the communal hut and the long dining table hints at the feasting in store. Not all the eating is done here, though. You’ll also enjoy freshly shucked oysters direct from the farmer’s hand  and wine straight from the source at Australia’s southern-most vineyard. Your weekend also includes an adventure cruise beneath towering sea cliffs and of course plenty more bush walking trails that include the wild southern reaches of the island. Delivered back to Hobart, it may feel as if it were a fleeting Bruny dream.

person on beach walking bruny island long weekend southern tasmania
Tourism Australia & Graham Freeman
Bruny Island

5. The Tarkine Rainforest Walk

The Tarkine is the largest tract of temperate rainforest in the Southern Hemisphere. With Tarkine Trails, prepare for comfort in the wilderness on the Tarkine Rainforest Walk. A Japanese-style washroom, well-appointed sleeping quarters and a central hub, complete with roaring fire, that transforms into an evening venue of warmth, conversation and great Tasmanian fare. Days are spent exploring the Tarkine without the need to carry ‘home’ on your back. Experienced guides are keen to point out the likes of freshwater crayfish mini-mansions and the secrets of the rainforest. Come nightfall, head back to homebase where King Island cheese and a local wine, beer or cider drift into a shared meal in the heart of the Tarkine.

person walking through tarkine rainforrest tasmania
Pete Harmsen
The Tarkine

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