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12 Reasons You Should Walk the Three Capes Track In Winter

Dramatic scenery, furry friends and atmospheric skies – yes you might even see an aurora on Tassie’s cool, dark nights. In case you need more reasons to walk the Three Capes Track this winter, here are just a few.

1. Cape Pillar

Stand at the very end of The Blade and take in the beauty that is Tasman Island, then continue on the new track to The Chasm and peer down nearly 300 m to the ocean below.

cape pillar aerial view three capes walk track tasmania
Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service
The Blade at Cape Pillar

2. Your retreat

At the end of an invigorating day’s walking, what better than having a cabin to shelter in. With the social space heated, just pour a hot drink and relax! (Did we mention the beds? – they are sooo good!)

retreat three capes walk tasman peninsula light up at night
Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service
Retakunna cabin, your accommodation for on day 3

3. Cape Raoul

A fantastic day-walk (5 hr) that’s part of the Three Capes Track. Spend a night on the Tasman Peninsula to walk this before starting the multi-day walk.

cape raoul three capes track tasman peninsula tasmania
Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service
Cape Raoul, Tasmania

4. Time to reconnect

Take a deep breath and feel the stresses of everyday life slip away. Enjoy these four days to reconnect with nature, loved ones and yourself.

couple hugging standing at a lookout on cliff face at the three capes track tasmania
Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service
Take a deep breath

5. The boat cruise

The Pennicott Wilderness Journey’s eco-cruise that takes you to the start of the walk is an exhilarating introduction to the adventure. (Dolphins might drop by to say hi.)

walkers waiting to board penicott wilderness tour
Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service
An exhilarating introduction to the adventure

6. The art

The art installations along the trail are fascinating. It’s worth stopping at each to read the stories about where you are.

people looking at artwork three capes track tasman peninsula tasmania
Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service
Witness the art along the Three Capes Track

7. The views

There are so many different types of scenery – from dizzying cliff-top heights to moody, moss-covered rainforest – and keep an eye on the sky at night, you just might catch an aurora.

aerial view cliff face three capes track tasman peninsula tasmania
Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service
Views from dizzying cliff top heights

8. The track

From the boardwalks and steps, to the wide and dry gravel paths, the track is perfectly constructed.

people walking on hillside track three capes track tasman peninsula tasmania
Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service
This track is perfectly constructed

9. The warm welcome

Stationed at each cabin, the host rangers are really welcoming and love telling a good story. Aside from keeping the place spick ‘n’ span, they share their knowledge of the park and its history with walkers.

Hikers arriving at accommodation on the three capes walk
Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service
Be welcomed by the Host Rangers

10. The Port Arthur Historic Site

A fascinating part of the experience and worth arriving early for – and returning to again! All walkers receive a two year pass to this World-Heritage site, so it’s worth setting aside a day just to explore it.

port arthur historic site tasmania at night
Poon Wai Nang
Port Arthur, Tasmania

11. The beach

Fortescue Bay is a beautiful end to the walk. A refreshing swim in the water is a great way to wash off the aches and welcome yourself back to reality.

People walking on a beach with backpacks at Fortescue Bay Tasmania
Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service
Welcome yourself back to reality with a swim

12. The shower

Yep, there’s a hot shower on Day 2. It’s the icing on the cake.

couple on three capes walk tasman peninsula taking photo on cliff
Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service
Three Capes Walk, Tasmania

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