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Welcome to Rosehaven

Alice Hansen
Rocketed to tiny-town stardom by the ABC series, discover the real Rosehaven.

Are you a mainlander? If you’ve had a chuckle over the Rosehaven shorts, we have a real-life town that’ll knock off your knitted socks. It’s a place where real mainlanders are flocking to. It’s the real Rosehaven. We call it Geeveston. (Might we add, it’s known for more than the Geeveston Fanny apple. )
There might be wit and comedy in the Rosehaven series, but this place has serious real-estate appeal. Just ask co-actor and Tasmanian-born Luke McGregor, who returns to sell houses for his Mum’s failing real estate business.
There’s plenty more than awkward estate agents and towns named Snug to attract mainlanders this way. There’s century-old apple orchards, boat builders and cider makers. That’s in between the rolling green hills. Even the ABC actors say ‘it feels more ancient’ and ‘the air is so clean.’ To support this, there’s an impressive sign touting ‘best clean air in 1999’ featured in the series.
We’ve prepared a short guide out of Hobart to direct you down to Rosehaven.

On the way – Grove

An older style ute parked out the front of the Apple Shed and Willie Smiths Cider House
Jonathan Wherrett
Step back into apple-isle history, and grab a cider.

Like your cider and live music? Pop into Willie Smith’s Apple Shed on your way down the Huon Valley. They just won ‘Best in Show’ at the Cider Awards for their French blend – perfect to wash down a slice of apple pie that rivals even the best local Nanna’s. There’s also a wall hanging  honouring the day this valley served up the world’s biggest apple pie. And ask them about the fanny – they have one on display.

On the way – Huonville

A meal on a plate at a winery restaurant
Chris Crerar
A hearty meal and a pinot

Stop in this southern town if you like the sound of a French café that serves up coffee and massage. (Note down the name if this combination takes your fancy – Au Bien Etre.) There’s also the Summer Kitchen Bakery, which makes oh-so-amazing pies that often sell out quick-smart at Hobart’s legendary Salamanca Market.
Those with a penchant for sweet treats will be pawing over silky smooth options at the The Cat’s Tongue Chocolatiers. And we haven’t even mentioned our famed vineyards of the valley. On the way to Rosehaven, drop into Home Hill Winery and try their pinot. Just this year Winestate Magazine named it Australia’s best.

On the way – Franklin

Boats moored at a still river wharf
Rob Burnett
The tannin-stained Huon River at Franklin

If you’re into boats, this is for you. The age-old craft of hand carving timber boats is alive and well in Franklin. Drop into the Wooden Boat Centre and enjoy the whiff of Huon pine as shavings fall to the floor, or take a sail on the Yukon. Plus, you can have a Frank’s Cider at their cider house in Franklin.

Makers on Church Street

The entrance to the Makers on Church (store) Street Geeveston
Tourism Tasmania & Debra Owens
Touch of creativity inside and outside

The story began as a supermarket. Then, after 12 years Leonie and Grant Ford opened what they knew the town wanted more than anything: a giant wall of lollies. Some might say it is the world’s greatest.

To market, to market…

The Geeveston Farmers Market brims with fresh produce every Saturday morning and there’s also the Geeveston Twilight Feast Market held on the first Thursday of each month. They might be small in scale compared to Hobart, but have a quaint country feel that would make any mainlander feel part of the Geeveston family.

Gateway to Tahune Airwalk

Want to hover high above the trees? Feel like a Tasmanian soaring above the mainlanders – 50 metres high to be exact? Head for the Tahune Airwalk and walk through the forest canopy, out to your cantilevered view over the Huon and Picton Rivers. Note, site currently closed, see website for details.

Gateway to Hartz Mountains National Park

Alpine vegetation at the Hartz Mountains National Park
Tourism Tasmania & Michael Walters Photography
Alpine environment within easy reach of the Huon Valley

Here’s a special treat: a window across to the vast south-west wilderness and the Tasmanian World Heritage Wilderness Area. In the Hartz Mountains National Park, you’ll feel like the only soul. The landscape has been shaped by glaciers from past ice ages. Reach the plateau and you’ll find glacial lakes and plants that grow nowhere else on Earth. Often snow-capped, always stunning, why not push on and climb Hartz Peak? At 1254 metres it’ll take you 3 to 5 hours to reach the summit.
Rosehaven stars Luke McGregor and Celia Pacquola
Supplied courtesy of The Australian Broadcast Commission
Rosehaven stars Luke McGregor and Celia Pacquola

And that’s just the start of it. Spend some more time exploring southern Tasmania and who knows what new characters and hidden treasures you’ll unearth! One thing’s for sure though – you’ll leave dreaming about your own little piece of Rosehaven real estate.

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