Polo is a lifestyle for Justin Couper, the owner of The Creech polo farm. Mount a trusty steed and he’ll teach you how. If the first swing doesn’t cement a love of thwacking a ball around a field, the outdoors and some friendly banter with the polo player on your left will. A drop of local whisky should calm your nerves. In springtime the days get longer and the connection between land and food comes through. Your fish is pulled from the local river, the lamb is grown on the farm and if they didn’t grow it they’ll know who did.

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  • A market where fresh produce is gathered from around the island and handed to you by the farmers themselves.

  • If you think today's train ride to work is a grind, experience what they used to go through aboard the West Coast Wilderness Railway.

  • Enter the old world charm of the 1841 colonial homestead showcasing Tasmania's heritage, food and wine – and authentic Spanish cuisine.