Journey to historic Shene Estate in Pontville to discover Australia’s very first pagan symbols and a good drop of local whisky. One brave family has taken it upon themselves to revive the story of the estate once belonging to notorious colonialist Gamaliel Butler with their handcrafted whisky (and gin). Gamaliel had an undeniable love for a tipple, with excavators uncovering hundreds of bottles cast off the balcony by the legendary colonialist. Drop into the roadside stall and prepare for some pretty special liquid gold, matched only by a dedication to preserve Australian history.

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  • Visit the restored historic Shene Estate now home to a whisky that’s found itself in the top two percent in the world.

  • Meet the happiest cows in the world and a cheesemaker who’s been making cheese since he was eight years old.

  • Step back in time to a wild land of lost mines, ancient pines, barren valleys and world heritage rainforests.